Will there be dust during and after the project is complete?
While we use industrial dust collection systems there will be some dust that is present. Any items in the work area should be removed or protected prior to our crews arriving.
Do I need to remove items from the work area?
Yes, the customer is responsible for removing all property from the floor prior to installation. If assistance is needed moving property from the work space please let our estimator know.
Will there be a strong odor?
There will be a slight odor. We use high solids/low odor products to keep odor to a minimum.
How soon can the space be used after installation?
Most of our coating systems require 24 hours for light foot traffic and 72 hours for wheeled traffic and heavier items. Cold conditions can extend cure times.
Will my epoxy floor turn yellow from sunlight?
We only use high quality UV resistant products which will not amber from exposure to sunlight.

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